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Our visa advisors will tell you all details about the study visa that you choose to apply for. In fact, you can speak to them anytime, to figure out if your chosen country’s PR rules are in line with your academic demands.

   Guidance and information

Some universities ask for more than one letters of recommendation. When you come to us, we’ll tell you which universities ask for what kind of documents from students so that you waste no time in procuring any documents till the last minute of your deadline.

  Getting ready

The advantage of meeting our visa advisors is they’ll take you through mock interview sessions where you’ll get to know the easiest and toughest questions that could be asked to you by a visa officer and also how you should and shouldn’t answer certain questions.

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Service Key Features

Applying for studies abroad is a crucial decision as such we do not limit our counselling just to the right country and university choice, but extend it to help students make the right ‘career decision’.

We are trained and experienced.
We help you to find right destination & institution.
  We help you with the tips for the application processing in university and colleges
  We connect you with the right channel for Visa.

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