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Pre Departure Briefing

We  provide pre departure counselling and Motivation

Admission has been secured and visa granted. The process doesn’t just end there. In all the excitement, one tends to forget other necessary details required to study abroad. We take care of planning out those important things like travel and health insurance, accommodation and all the other steps to ensure that the student settles in the new country without any difficulties.

The institutes represented by us follow strict guidelines to take care of students who have come overseas and deal with any problem they might be facing in a prompt manner. They also implement Pastoral Care Programmes which ensure a nurturing environment for students.

   Our flexible briefing process
More importantly, we brief students on a number of issues such as the culture and customs followed in the new country. The cultural differences might create friction with the locals, hence they are informed regarding the appropriate behaviour and decorum to be maintained there

  Motivated counsellor and Guidance
In summation, the pre-departure briefing is a complete informational package that will make less travelled young students self-sufficient in the new part of the world.

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Our seminars

Our Pre-departure seminars are the best get-together for all students & parents to gain company, share knowledge & experiences & make friends before you fly. Alternatively, you can ask for a personal pre-departure brief as per your convenience. We will make sure you know exactly what to do, where to go & whom to contact once you are in the new country.

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